Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Owl Mug Cozy

This owl mug cozy was a Christmas gift for my good friend Amy of Movie Writing. I knitted the owls and ribbed edging, then used double crochet to lengthen the sides for a snug fit around the mug. I finished with some pearlescent buttons to fasten and some black sequins for owl eyes.

I'm afraid I'm unable to share a pattern as I didn't make a note of what I did. I just went with the flow and made it up as I went along! I occasionally do the same thing when baking. I get so wrapped up in the creative moment that I forget to make a note of ingredients, quantities and methods. Since starting this blog I've definitely been better at recording what I do when I bake. I'll endeavor to do the same when I next go on a freestyle knitting and crochet adventure!


  1. hi, I like the idea of using both crochet and knitting in one project, ali

    1. It was sort of an accident really when I realised my knitted part was way short!

  2. This is so clever! I love it! Thank you for leading me to your blog - you've been crafting and baking some fantastic stuff :) x

  3. I think this works really well. It looks so neat. It is also nice to see something a bit different and have a motive on a hug warmer. Great job.