Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pikmin Birthday Cake

A few weeks back it was the Mr's Birthday. It was a big one, thirty! We celebrated with a tasty homemade Sunday roast with family and a London adventure with friends. Of course, there was chocolate cake too. Being the nerds that we are, the cake theme was video game inspired, as recently one of our favourite games to play together is Pikmin 3.

I used BBCgoodfood's recipe for the ultimate chocolate cake and it turned out wonderfully. It's a heavenly rich, dense cake. I had to be quick to get a photo of the inside. It was like feeding time at the zoo.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Bits and bobs (mostly baked goods)

It's been a busy few months. I've not done as much baking and making as I'd have liked, but I did manage a couple of new things.

I've wanted to make battenberg for the longest time. My mum bought me a special tin ages ago and a couple of months back I finally used it. This recipe on bbcgoodfood worked wonderfully. It turned out much bigger than I anticipated, about 10cm tall.

I made heart shaped custard creams for Valentine's Day and hot cross buns at Easter. In amongst all this there was time for the odd coffee at Afternoon Tease. I also gave these bagels a go. And yes, that is a slightly wonky Tardis cake.

In other news the Mr had a big Birthday - 30! There was a video game inspired cake and Ghostbusters-themed presents. I will post some photos very soon!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Edible Masterpieces

Earlier this month I encouraged my colleagues to get their bake on for the Art Fund's Edible Masterpieces. Four of us took on the challenge, as the rest of HLFEoE no doubt went off in search of suitably loose/elasticated clothing to wear on the day.

Ana produced Alfred Wallace's The Blue Ship on ginger cake (above). It looked stunning and was bloomin' delicious.

Robyn recreated an East of England treasure, the Sutton Hoo mask, in pizza form. She also made a sheild (see last photo), and her masterpieces were all the more authentic as she had used Woodbridge Tide Mill flour.

Sophie created a beautiful Henri Matisse Blue Nude on a marzipan covered sponge cake. Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn was similarly inspired, baking a Blue-berry Nude cheesecake.

I decorated my salted caramel and pecan brownie with the policeman on a bicycle from Edward Bawden's Ives Farmhouse.

Everyone did a great job and I think we were all impressed with each and every one of our creations. We gained half a stone each and raised a tidy little sum to help support UK museums and galleries to buy and show great art. The office was buzzing but people refused to vote for a winner declaring them all masterpieces!