Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fondant Fancie Hat

Since learning how to knit last year I've knitted several scarves. So I've been feeling ready to take on a more advanced knitting project. As I receive so many lovely comments about my pink 'fondant fancie' hat (see it here) I thought it would be a nice challenge to see if I could make my own.

I set about searching Ravelry for a pattern and lots of lovely projects popped up. I decided on this 'Snappy Hat' pattern. I used Sirdar Big Softie yarn in a striking shade of purple. The pattern suggests 6.5mm needles but as I was using super chunky yarn I used 5 double pointed 8mm needles and a 6mm cable needle.

I made the medium size and I found the pattern was really easy to follow. I’d say it took me about 5 maybe 6 hours to complete, but I am still a rather slow knitter.

Of course, I couldn't consider it finished until I’d added a giant pom pom to the top!


  1. Wow, I'm impressed. I've not even got away from the scarf stage in my knitting. In fact I've never even completed a knitting project. That hat is awesome - I'd be really proud of myself if I made that.

  2. It is wonderful. Great job.

  3. A lovely hat, and a lovely blog, your cooking is just sumptuous. I wonder what you will be doing next?

  4. Gosh I am impressed, cable and in the round - way above my knitting skills! EM x