Sunday, 3 February 2013


Well January seemed rather long, didn't it? My month involved a lot of coffee cake, but I'm finally happy with the recipe, so watch out for it in the not to distant future. January was when the snow came. I'm afraid I don't have any pretty photos to share as my interaction with the snow was limited to shuffling to and from the bus stop everyday. 

In other news, I made my very first dress! It's not perfect, and I have definitely learned lots for next time, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. January also saw the start of the University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens crochet project. A lovely Saturday morning was spent practising leaves and drinking tea with fellow Cam City WI members.

Of course, there was another thing that really brightened up the month and that was the return of the Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief - how funny was Claudia Winkleman and her lemon meringue antics!? 

From top: King's College Chapel on a chilly New Year's Day walk around Cambridge, coffee and walnut cupcakes, view from the office window - snow covered bicycle, more coffee and walnut cake, wearing my homemade dress, crochet leaves, cowl knitting, apple and current scones, and yet more coffee cupcakes!


  1. I loved Claudia on the bake off! Very entertaining. Well done with the dress, it looks beautiful! x

  2. The dress looks really good and the material is so pretty

  3. Happy New Year, I've only just discovered your charming blog and know I will be an avid reader. I am beginning to venture into felting myself, so its nice to see your felty creations, as well as sweet delightful bakes.

  4. Love the cute blog header and the crochet leaves...also well done for making your own dress sweety! Wish I could be brave and good enough with the needle to make my own dress one day! But I do love embroidery! Here's hoping you are having a fabulous new year!
    May x