Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lego Star Trek Coffee Cake

Well that was one awesome Jubilee weekend - good friends, BBQ, baking, a fair few cocktails and Just Dance! We even went to London and saw the Queen... on a big screen (that counts right?!).

Mr Norris loves coffee cake, Lego and Star Trek. So the Happygang girls (Mrs Norris, Mrs Devonshire and myself) teamed up to make his dream Birthday cake. Here he is as a Lego Star Trek Captain! Great work girls!


  1. Yaaayyyy just spotted this. Excellent shot I cannot believe we are so talented! xxx

    1. :-D we'll have to do something for Mr Devonshire's Birthday! any ideas?! x

  2. How cool! You and the girls are so talented. How long did it take you to make this? I bet it didn't take too long, yet it still ended up looking great. Perhaps you could share with us some tips and tricks that you use while baking? That would be amazing! Have a lovely day!

    Jason Underwood @ La Patisserie