Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mini Bakewell Tarts

These bite-sized delights combine crisp pastry, raspberry jam and a light almond sponge. Topped with icing and a glace cherry, they're perfect with a cup of tea anytime.

This pastry recipe for mince pies is my favourite - it makes a lovely crisp, buttery pastry. As I was making mini tarts I made a smaller quantity and used milk to bind so I could roll it out. Here's my recipe. It makes 36.

Moreish Mini Bakewells
100g cold butter, diced
180g plain flour
40g caster sugar
splash of milk to bind
jam of your choice - I used raspberry
50g unsalted butter
50g caster sugar
1 egg
30g ground almonds
30g self raising flour
250g icing sugar
18 glace cherries

1. Make your pastry: rub the flour into the butter until you have a breadcrumb like mixture, then stir through the sugar. Add a small splash of milk to bring the mixture together - go carefully, if it gets too wet add a touch more flour. Wrap in cling film and pop in the fridge for 20 minutes.
2. Meanwhile make your almondy sponge: beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg and ground almonds, then stir in the self raising flour.
3. Preheat oven to 190°C that's 170°C for fan ovens.
4. Now take a third of the chilled pastry. It can be quite difficult to handle once rolled out so I recommend working with a small amount at a time. On a floured surface roll the pastry to around 4-5mm thickness. Using a 5cm round cutter, cut out 12 circles to line your mini muffin tin - be super careful when handling your pastry, it will be quite delicate. Repeat with the remaining dough.
5. Fill each of the pastry cases with around half a teaspoon of jam, then spoon a heaped teaspoon of sponge mixture on top. Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for 12-15 minutes.
6. Once they've cooled, put the icing sugar in a bowl and add small amounts of cold water until you have icing with a thick consistency. Cut your cherries in half. Spread a teaspoon of icing on top of each tart, and before it sets finish with half a cherry.
7. Brew a nice cup of tea and enjoy.

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