Thursday, 28 August 2014

Out and about in sunny Cambridge

Cambridge is such a beautiful city and an amazing place to live. We've just bought our very first home here (eeek!) and in between all the moving chaos and attempts at DIY we've been out and about enjoying Cambridge in the sunshine. 

There have been bike rides and kayaking expeditions to Grantchester for picnics on the meadows, trips to Museums, leisurely walks and plenty of pit stops for foodie treats.

Delicious beef concoctions and gin at The Pint Shop during Cambridge Food Festival.

Scrummy peach and almond cake from Afternoon Tease.

Carved unicorn at Great St Mary's Church. For any Cambridge folks reading this, there will be an Elizabethan pageant here on Saturday 13 September - check out Heritage at Great St Mary's for details.

Stamps in Antarctica exhibition at The Polar Museum.

I love cycling past this every day!

A walk along the river by Jesus Green.


  1. Great photographs. I really enjoyed reading your blog after seeing your tweet in Twitter. Cake and unicorns seemed like a fantastic combination so couldn't help but stop by!! Will look forward to reading more of your blog.
    The Dorothy Days (fellow blogger and maker! )

  2. Congratulations on buying your house! How exciting :)

    That unicorn statue is awesome :) xxx

    1. Thanks Katie! It's super exciting :-) we have an apartment but I still have loads of ideas to make it more us! Who'd have thought I'd actually be going to B&Q voluntarily! x x x