Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy New Year

Although we’re more than half way through January already (eeek!), I’d like to wish all you lovely readers the very best for 2014. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone these past few months. This little blog of mine has been somewhat neglected. It’s not that I haven’t been up to creative things. I’ve been baking and creating as usual whenever there’s been time, but I've had a lot of otherthings going on and blogging just hasn’t been at the top of my priorities.
I do love being able to look back on the things I’ve done, and on top of that hopefully people enjoy hearing about it too. I’ll try to be a better blogger this year. So to start 2014 I’d really like to share some of the creative things from 2013 that I didn’t get around to blogging about. Here's to another year of cake, crochet and creativity! 


baby blanket I made at the Cambridge Etsy Craft Party

Kahlua brownies

churro layer cake
crochet bobble blanket (ahem... still in progress!)

sausage rolls

Christmas bauble macarons

mini panettone

my attempt at Kimberley Wilson's brioche wreath
Christmas pudding macarons


  1. You have been busy! Love the Christmas pudding macarons.

    Thanks for linking to my blog about the Etsy Craft Party and thanks so much for coming along and making a blanket for the hospital.

    Here's a to a crafty 2014!

    Claire x

    1. It sure was a busy few months! No problemo :-) x

  2. This all looks gorgeous! Fiona x

  3. You're a baking genius! This all looks so scrumptious :-) xxx

    1. Ah I don't know about genius Katie - I didn't think through the aftermath ;-) an awful lot of time at the gym is needed to work it all off! x

  4. Those little christmas puds are amazing! I've never seen something like that before
    x x

    1. Thanks Georgia :-) they were a bit tricky to decorate with the white chocolate. I filled them with nutella! x