Sunday, 12 August 2012

Crochet Daisy Cushion

This week I finally finished my crocheted cushion cover. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been working on this for a fair few weeks now. Well, here it is...

I love the pretty little daisy granny squares and how they've brightened up the living room. I found some great instructions for making them here on Bunny Mummy. They're dead easy to make and - I'm sure my fellow crochet lovers will agree - super addictive!

I made 50 daisy grannies in total, 25 for each side of the cushion. I joined them together with an invisible stitch (see this helpful tutorial) and added a border before stitching around the sides. My cushion is now sitting pretty on the sofa.


  1. Gorgeous cushion, so perfect for summer! As soon as I feel I've mastered knitting I'll definitely be learning to crochet.

    1. It certainly has brightened things up! That's funny, I'm just learning how to knit too!

  2. This is so lovely and bright!

  3. Adorable, and very appropriately summery! xx

  4. hi, love the crochet cushion cover, ali