Sunday, 29 April 2012

Choc Caramel Dinosaur Cake

Last week it was Mr Makes' Birthday. I've had my eye on this Chocolate & Caramel Layer Cake on BBC Good Food for a while now and finally decided to make it for his Birthday cake. 

The ingredients list isn't exactly short, so I had to do a little shopping beforehand. It was well worth it though and once I'd measured everything out it was pretty easy to make. The ground almonds and yogurt made the sponge so springy and moist, and the chocolate ganache was to die for!

Once stacked and filled with caramel it was a surprisingly tall cake. As I was applying the chocolate it did wobble about a little, but after half an hour or so it had set and was perfectly stable (survived an hour car journey just fine). I did have trouble finding a box tall enough to transport it in though!

You may well have guessed by now that Mr Makes likes dinosaurs, so I wanted to make a few dinos to decorate the cake. I found this great tutorial for a T-Rex over at A Baked Creation and gave it a whirl. I made the cute purple dinosaur and Mr Makes made the slightly disturbing, half eaten, green one!


  1. I love this cake, and the Hubby did too! I want to try something dinosaur related, or better yet, Star Trek related for the Hubby's birthday.... We shall have a think!!

  2. Thanks Nina. Yay another dinosaur cake!

  3. That cake is INCREDIBLE. Mr Makes' is a very lucky man :)
    Katie x (@teaandcaketime)

    1. Thanks Katie! I've just reminded him! x